Positive responses: 100
Negative responses: 1

Sold: 100
Refunds: 100

☑️ Account with:✔️ Full data change(mail, pass, etc, you can change all data to yours)
✔️ 100% safety warranty (Life Time for A replacement)
✔️ Mail access
✔️ You can play on RP servers
✔️ Random progress in Online mode, you may get huge level and amounts of money
✔️ Buying account equals buying game for 60$, no difference, you get all same
✔️ Chance to get RDR 2 on the account as a second game
✔️ Instant
✔️ Online and Story modes are available, no bans
✔️ 7/24 Hour Online Shop
✔️Support that is always glad to help you!
✔️ It´s SOCIAL CLUB(Rockstar Games Launcher), not Epic Games🎮 Is it safe?! If you are afraid of purchasing safety - there´s nothing to be aware of!
It´s already few years we make our customers happy with best games for best prices and best quality,
In this years we´ve sold hundreds of thousands video games on different marketplaces and our own website.
We don´t have unhappy buyers! We take care of every problem and every review so that every buyer is satisfied
If you aware about game safety, there´s nothing to be afraid of too!
All games that are for sale in Bro_Gamers are in warranty. In case of any problems,
All what´s needed is just you contacting us. We help you ASAP so you stay pleased.
In case of any problems, don´t panic and don´t leave negative review,
Contact us on the order page, we are always glad to help you ❤️
05.03.2024 13:38:51
28.01.2024 12:23:26
Купил аккаунт через пол года сменил пароль и почту не рекомендую😓
05.01.2024 12:48:37
вернули-восстановили аккаунт )
2й день пытаюсь дописаться - игнор )
*однако отзыв с оценкой "плохо" может быть оставлен не позднее 60 дней с момента покупки.*
покупал в сентябре ( как удобно гарантию дают )70 дней поиграешь и хватит )
23.12.2023 13:16:26
Аккаунт пропадает через месяц, но мне всё равно выдают замену уже 3 раза
10.12.2023 19:07:40
Аккаунт восстановил( спустя 4 месяца после покупки)

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