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❕Do not download dubious mods or cheats, download resources only from official sources so that you do not get hacked.

A new email was registered for each Minecraft Premium account, you can leave it after securing it (by linking your phone, etc.), but we strongly recommend adding your email and phone to Microsoft account (so that you can receive the Microsoft authorization code on your phone or personal email), or transfer the account to your email altogether.

Skin, nickname and password are changed to
Download the launcher to play
How to change the mail will be written in the instructions after the purchase
14.06.2024 12:20:21
Просто сигма, лучший, не знаю как еще описать, аккаунт рабочий, почту сменил, майнкрафт запускается, 12/10
10.06.2024 21:29:52
Все отлично, спасибо!
27.05.2024 10:22:53
19.05.2024 13:47:48
Все работает. Продавец помог с проблемой при установке.
17.05.2024 10:31:15
Спасибо, все работает

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