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War Chests contain accessible collections of awesome content that will accelerate your progress, improve your gaming performance and give you an extra boost on the battlefield. War Chests contain a random selection of game items.

The current list of materials can be found at:
Each battle chest contains groups of items, the cost of which is at least equal to the cost of the chest, and there is a high probability that it will be even higher!

note: Premium class cars with battle chests have a garage space.
03.05.2023 22:14:00
Всё отлично как всегда)
28.02.2023 18:55:22
Быстро, надежно. Отлично!
23.12.2022 21:29:52
Все работает Ксеня супер даже быстрее все получилось отзыв по чесноку так что огонь!!!

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