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🔥 Individual/Duo/Family Spotify Premium subscription to your account for a period from 1 to 12 months. Year of warranty. Quick activation🔥

FAQ:1) How to subscribe if you don’t have a Spotify account❓- When placing an order, type your email address in the form to register an account and I will register a new account for it and upgrade it to premium

- If you currently have a subscription in the same region, then yes, it can be renewed. If it’s different, then to activate you will need to write again after the end of the active subscription.

- Yes, after payment, let me know in the chat on the purchase page and I will send you further instructions.

- Yes, for this you will also need to place an order and provide your account information to subscribe.
_______________________________ 5) How to add accounts to the DUO/family subscription❓ - You will need to type the address in accordance with the country of subscription in the profile of the main account on the site (in the premium subscription section), after which a link will be available to add a second account. Next, change the country in the profile of the second account on the site, follow the link and enter the address from the main account.
29.06.2024 12:50:20
Всё супер, продавец даже ночью моментально всё сделал, спасибо огромнейшее!
29.06.2024 12:34:19
Все отлично!
В течении 15 минут подписка была оформлена, никаких проблем
29.06.2024 11:50:59
самый надежный продавец
29.06.2024 10:07:59
за 2 минуты подписку сделал после оплаты супер
28.06.2024 21:40:22
Быстро и оперативно!!! Спасибо)

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