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Total War: WARHAMMER II is the second part of the famous trilogy that offers a unique combination of large-scale real-time battles and an exciting turn-based global strategy dedicated to government, politics, building and strengthening your own empire. This time you will take part in an exciting new campaign on the continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth and the Southlands.
As the story progresses, the confrontation between the parties will become more intense and eventually reach a grand finale, the likes of which have not yet happened in the Total War series. of paid goods is carried out automatically after payment, by sending a letter to the e-mail filled in form when placing the order and to the buyer´s personal account on the website

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14.06.2024 7:10:26
Быстро и четко
09.06.2024 23:25:57
Всё прошло чётко и быстро, спасибо!
09.05.2024 9:55:28
Покупка и активация заняли в сумме 2 минуты
01.05.2024 0:07:11
Ключ пришел быстро, активация успешна. Рекомендую.
28.04.2024 16:20:10
Всё ок! Спасибо!

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