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❗️Suitable for all platforms, PC | STEAM | Xbox | PS.
❗️MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING❗️To receive credits on PC/PS/STEAM, you must link your Ubisoft (uplay) account to your XBOX (Microsoft) account in advance on the website ( after purchase The seller must log in with the password specifically for your XBOX (Microsoft) account, as well as a unique code (you will see the code after purchase).

If you do not yet have an XBOX (Microsoft) account, you can create one using this link - (

❗️ To purchase RAINBOW SIX SIEGE CREDITS to your XBOX account, after payment you must indicate a unique code (the code that you will see after the purchase), so YOU ​​WARN TO LEAVE YOUR LOGIN (PTA) AND PASSWORD for your XBOX (Microsoft) account in the chat with the seller .

✅ After logging into your account, the seller will buy donation currency for your account in the community you specified when purchasing!

⭐ Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Why should I provide data from my Xbox account?
Answer: Donate currency is bought from a cheaper region to your account, this is not a code!
2) Do you buy donation from stolen cards?
Answer: No, personal and legal cards are used to receive subscriptions.
3) Can my account be blocked? Is it legal?
Answer: No, regional features are used to receive subscriptions - this is legal, ban is not possible!

✅ The total time of buying donate currency for your account is from 10 to 120 min .
🔶 Time robots and support from 10:00 to 23:00 Moscow time!

❗️ If you have any questions, you can ask them in the window ask a question to the seller or in Telegram!
11.06.2024 12:46:32
все хорошо
02.06.2024 15:04:55
Все сделано в сроки, быстро. Продавец вежливый
24.05.2024 13:58:48
всё гуд, без лишних проблем пришло
22.05.2024 21:07:44
Все прошло максимально быстро, примерно 15 минут!
22.05.2024 20:54:42
Быстро спасибо

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