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⭐️ By purchasing this product you receive:🎮1) Steam account with the game RESIDENT EVIL 4 DELUXE EDITION (2023) (ALL DLC) for offline games, the account is shared, and all saves will be stored on your PC, no one will disturb you during the game.

The Deluxe Edition includes the base game as well as the Extra DLC pack, which includes:
☑️ Leon and Ashley “Casual Style” costumes;
☑️ Leon and Ashley “Romance” costumes;
☑️ Leon costume and “Hero” image filter;— Leon costume and “Villain” image filter;
☑️ Leon’s accessory “Sports Sunglasses”;
☑️ unique weapon “9mm Guardian”;
☑️ unique weapon “Skullbreaker”;
☑️ the ability to choose original music;
☑️ Addition “Treasure Map”. If you have questions, you can ask them in private messages..
✔️I give you a login and password from my Steam account, you download it from my account (or separately) and then play offline for an unlimited time (detailed activation instructions are attached).✔️
05.04.2024 5:59:33
Всё пришло, без обмана!
30.01.2024 8:43:47
суппер продавец
28.01.2024 19:05:27
Отличная поддержка от продавца
28.01.2024 16:19:08
Большое спасибо за помощь и поддержку!
28.01.2024 16:01:21
Отличный продавец, отвечает сразу:)

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