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Graduation project: Design of the electrical parameters of the measurement channels of audio frequency. (Explanatory note 130 pages., 23 figures, 37 tables, 23 source graphics application 10 sheets A1 made in CAD Kompas 5.11.)

Keywords: Digital Audio signal generators, digital to analog conversion, analog to digital conversion, digital processing of signals, digital signal processor, INTERFACE RS232.




1 computational and theoretical SECTION

1.1 Principles of digital audio frequency generators

1.2 Development of the block diagram of a measuring instrument

1.3 Development of electric concept processor unit

1.3.1 Development of the composition circuit processing unit

1.3.2 Selection of the microprocessor

1.3.3 Selection of ROM and RAM

1.3.4 Selecting the decoder counter and inverter

1.3.5 Selection of the clock generator

1.3.6 Chip Select reset

1.3.7 Chip Select USART

1.3.8 The choice of level converter

1.3.9 Description of electric concept processor unit

1.4 Development of electric concept formation and management unit

1.4.1 Development of the block structure formation and management

1.4.2 Selection of a DAC

1.4.3 Selection of ADC

1.4.4 Selection of attenuated DAC

1.4.5 Choosing register

1.4.6 Selection of operational amplifier

1.4.7 Selection of relay

1.4.8 Calculation of the elements of the LPF, designed to smooth out-of-band noise DACs

1.4.9 Description of electrical schematic block formation and management

1.5 Development of the algorithm of the meter

1.6 Calculation of power consumed by your device

1.7 Calculation of the reliability of the meter

2 Design and Technology Section

2.1 Patent Search

2.2 Development of technical specifications

2.3 Development of the construction unit

2.4 Selection and justification of the printed circuit board technology, accuracy class, dimensions, material thickness and step grid

2.5 Placement and routing PCB

2.6 Calculation of the conductive pattern

2.7 Calculation of conductors DC

2.8 Calculation of conductors of alternating current

2.9 Calculation of the thermal regime

2.10 Calculation of mechanical protection

2.11 Calculation on strike action

2.12 Evaluation of the quality level

2.12.1 About
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