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Question: Do I Need To Disable STEAM Guard When Changing The Region?
Answer: Not Required. Keep STEAM Guard Active For The Security Of Your Steam Account.
Question: I Already Have Funds In My Account. What Is Their Fate After The Change Of Region?
Answer: Your Funds Are Converted Automatically Into Tenge, TL,ARS According To The STEAM Exchange Rate.
Question: Do I Need A VPN To Play Or To Access My Account After Changing The Region?
Answer: No, Your Account Will Be Available And The Games Run Without Using A VPN.
Question: Will My PING Change In Games After The Procedure?
Answer: Nothing. You Will Continue To Connect To The Nearest Servers As Before.
Question: Can I Top Up My Account Using QIWI Or WebMoney From Russia?
Answer: Absolutely, But Only For Accounts Registered In Kazakhstan Or Ukraine.
🔸 Question: What should I do if I did not comply with the terms of use and I had problems with depositing funds?
🔸 Answer: Contact Steam technical support with the details of the bank card from which the payment was made and technical support will unlock your account without any problems (after changing the region you will receive a screenshot with this data).
Question: Why Is It Recommended To Wait 24 Hours Before Replenishing The STEAM Balance?
Answer: This Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Your Account Being Blocked By STEAM.
Question: Can I Give Blocked Games To A Friend With A Russian Region Account?
Answer: unfortunately, no. Blocked Games Cannot Be Transferred To Accounts Where They Are Blocked.
Question: Can I Immediately Send The Game As A Gift To A Friend With A Similar Region?
Answer: You Need To Wait At Least 24 Hours.
Question: Can I Accept The Game As A Gift From A Friend With A Similar Region Immediately After Changing The Region?
Answer: Of Course, You Can Accept A Gift Without Waiting.
Question: Is It Safe To Activate The Game With A Key Immediately After Changing The Region?
Answer: Yes, It Is Absolutely Safe.
Q: How Are Orders Processed?
Answer: 1min to 5min
For customers living in the China region;
It is recommended to make a maximum of 1 transaction per day
•Please add Turkey´s phone number to your Steam account in advance.
•People living in the China region who do not add a Turkish phone number have a 50% chance of getting a warning.
• No problem in other countries.
• This strict rule applies only to those who live in the China region.

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