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〰️ After the purchase, you receive a UNIQUE CODE (, along with your login (mail) and password for your XBOX (Microsoft) account, you need to inform the operator in the “Correspondence with the seller” section
Password 123456Qwerty
〰️ Expect a response from the manager as soon as possible📮 Take a promotional code with a DISCOUNT for your next purchase from us😎 ⚠️ PLEASE ⚠️ ➖ To receive B- Bucks to your Epic Games account, you need to link your XBOX (Microsoft) account to it❗️
➖ When providing the manager with your XBOX account information, make sure that it is connected to your Epic Games account. This is necessary to accurately receive the goods on the platform you need❗️
➖ The service is not suitable for Nintendo❗️
➖ Microsoft account must be 18+❗️ 🔺 Don’t have an XBOX (Microsoft) account?
◾After purchase, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to create an account and link it to Epic Games
◾You can also purchase an additional account registration service. After the purchase, you must provide the email to which your Microsoft account will be registered ➡️ 🔻 Why do you need data specifically from your XBOX (Microsoft) account?
➖ V-Bucks can be purchased from the official Microsoft Store. After this (if the accounts are linked), you will receive game currency in your Epic Games account, and you can spend it at any time
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🟨FORTNITE ✦V-Bucks✦ EPIC|XBOX|PS + 🎁 ➡️✅Full range of our products ➡️ ss=cntSellDESC🛎 Information For Buyers 🛎⏳The average order fulfillment time is from 10 to 30 minutes from the beginning of order processing (But no more than 48 hours from the moment the data is provided), delays can only be due to problems on the server side⌛️
⏳Working hours: 11:00-23:00 UTC+3⌛️
⏳If you made a purchase at night (after 23:00 UTC+3), we can place your order the next day⌛️ 🤔 If you have any questions, please contact us in Chat (above the page), we will be happy to answer you!< > 👍 For a positive review you will receive a gift in the "GIFT CARD" section 🎁 🌞Have fun shopping with All for Gamers🌞
19.06.2024 19:22:26
Быстро и дёшево, Рекомендую данного продавца!
19.06.2024 16:34:09
всем советую
19.06.2024 16:14:15
Все четко сделали, спасибо большое <З
19.06.2024 13:35:17
Быстро и дешево
18.06.2024 20:42:07
Как всегда все быстро и качественно

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