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Enrich your empire with three new downloadable content in the Season 4 Pass and continue your story in the era of the Industrial Revolution!

The Anno 1800 Season 4 Pass includes the following three DLCs, each with at least one scenario featuring new challenges and gameplay. Plus, unlock a bonus of three exclusive decorations to decorate your cities.

Includes 3 DLCs:

SEEDS OF CHANGE - Revolutionize the agricultural sector of the New World by building a modular hacienda and opening up new alternative industries.
EMPIRE OF HEAVEN. Take logistics and combat to the next level by using airships as transport and conquering enemy islands.
THE REVIVAL OF A NEW WORLD. Experience the industrial and economic boom of the New World with your own eyes and discover a new level of population, as well as additional islands that will allow you to further expand your empire.


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05.02.2024 18:45:10
Спасибо, код рабочий
26.12.2023 20:06:19
Просто работает
19.12.2023 2:29:20
код пришел сразу, через первый попавшийся vpn смог активировать.
02.12.2023 11:59:54
Код пришел сразу после оплаты. Проблем с активацией через ВНП не было. Спасибо )
07.11.2023 21:44:14
Автомат хорош)

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