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☑️ You receive:✅ You get data of our shared account, you download games with it and play via your OWN account
Video instructions for launching the game: https://youtu.be/thFLE7Sq9-Q (English subtitles available). It is one of 3 different video guides
✅ Games you receive and can always play:
RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE Deluxe edition , купленные официально по фул прайсу
✅ Available for all Xbox consoles that support these games.
✅ Support and 3 months warranty for 1 replacement (works only for main game, if you get other games, they are considered as bonus and warranty doesnt work for them)!
For this time you for sure will complete the game
✅ All progress is being saved on YOUR account
✅ Region Free/Global (Can Play In Any Country)
✅ Instant 🎮 Is it safe?! If you are afraid of purchasing safety - there´s nothing to be aware of!
It´s already few years we make our customers happy with best games for best prices and best quality,
In this years we´ve sold hundreds of thousands video games on different marketplaces and our own website.
We don´t have unhappy buyers! We take care of every problem and every review so that every buyer is satisfied
If you aware about game safety, there´s nothing to be afraid of too!
All games that are for sale in Bro_Gamers are lifetime warranty. In case of any problems,
All what´s needed is just you contacting us. We help you ASAP so you stay pleased.
In case of any problems, don´t panic and don´t leave negative review,
Contact us on the order page, we are always glad to help you ❤️
27.10.2023 20:54:12
Неверный пароль
16.09.2023 14:44:10
I recently used this game purchase service, and I couldn´t be happier with my experience. The contact with their support team was incredibly quick and efficient, addressing all my questions promptly. What impressed me the most was how easy their method is to apply and start playing the game. It´s user-friendly and hassle-free, making the entire process a breeze. I highly recommend this service to all gamers out there!
16.08.2023 9:39:03
Вошел в аккаунт, все идеально
29.07.2023 17:40:57
10.07.2023 9:01:33
В целом аккаунт рабочий👍
Спасибо продавцу за отзывчивость